Teeth Safety Tips for Spring and Summer

Teeth Safety Tips for Spring and Summer
Posted on 05/25/2017

Spring is finally here and summer isn’t far behind. While it’s generally a time for fun and outdoor activities, it can also essentially be an open season for dental problems. As your trusted source for East Lansing and Dewitt dentistry for kids, we at Dr. Jacob Myers DDS want to give you and your child a few tips for keeping teeth safe during the spring and summer seasons.

Staying Safe While Playing Sports

When your child is playing sports that have the potential for physical contact, it’s vital for him or her to wear a mouthguard. These mouthguards will protect the teeth in case of a collision or any other kind of trauma to the face. In fact, mouthguards are estimated to prevent over 200,000 injuries to the mouth each year. Even in the event of an injury, they can still greatly reduce the amount of dental trauma that does occur. It’s important to wear mouthguards while playing any contact sport, which can include, but isn’t limited to, football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey.

Keeping Teeth Safe in the Pool

While swimming is one of the biggest attractions of the summer, doing too much of this can actually have a detrimental effect to a person’s teeth. When someone spends over six hours in a swimming pool over the course of a week, it’s possible for swimmer’s calculus to appear. Swimmer’s calculus causes hard yellow or brown tartar deposits to develop on the teeth and stain them. The reason why this occurs is because of the treatment chemicals that are typically in the pool water. Thankfully though, cosmetic dentistry treatments can fix this condition.


Also, make sure that your child doesn’t run around the pool. Many dental injuries for children actually occur around the swimming pool, generally from running and then slipping on the wet pavement on the pool’s perimeter. Tell your child to exercise caution when going around the pool.

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