Does My Kid Have a Cavity?

Does My Kid Have a Cavity?
Posted on 05/30/2018
Does My Kid Have a Cavity?

At the office of Dr. Jacob Myers, we're proud to provide high-quality pediatric dental care to help children throughout the East Lansing and greater Lansing, MI area develop beautiful, healthy smiles. Many of our treatments center on keeping the teeth healthy and preventing cavities, and it's little wonder – after all, cavities are the #2 most common preventable disease in children, second only to the common cold! But with cavities so widespread, that may leave you wondering if your child has a cavity and what signs to look for in case they do.

Signs That Your Child Has a Cavity

One of the main signs of a cavity isn't actually a visual signal at all – it's the much-dreaded toothache. While getting a toothache doesn't necessarily mean your child has a cavity, toothaches are a warning sign for cavities. If your child has a toothache that doesn't go away after a day or two, it's probably a good idea to bring them in for an appointment.

In addition to watching out for persistent toothaches, you should make a habit of occasionally examining your child's teeth for cavities. Try to check each tooth for any areas that look darker, discolored, or have a visible pit or hole in them – any of these may be a sign of a cavity. If you do find any cause for concern, schedule a check-up appointment with your Lansing pediatric dentist.

Ultimately, though, the only way to know for sure if your child has a cavity is to bring them in for an exam. Dr. Myers can perform a thorough dental evaluation and take x-rays to say definitively if your child has a cavity and recommend any necessary treatments.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Lansing, MI Pediatric Dentist

We hope you found this information helpful, and we wish you luck in keeping watch for cavities – but even more importantly, we hope your child never gets one in the first place! If you are concerned that your child has a cavity, feel free to request an appointment at our office for a checkup. We'll thoroughly examine your child's mouth, and if we find anything, we'll recommend a treatment to get your child's dental health back to normal. We look forward to hearing from you!