Dealing With Your Child's Tooth Pain

Dealing With Your Child's Tooth Pain
Posted on 03/04/2019

My Child Is Experiencing Tooth Pain. What Do I Do?

No parent enjoys hearing that their child is experiencing pain or discomfort. Tooth pain in children is no different and can cause varying degrees of discomfort to your child. Tooth pain can range from infrequent and moderate to persistent and extremely painful, so it’s important to speak to your child and gauge their immediate pain level to determine the right course of action. Continue reading to learn about possible causes of tooth pain, what you should do if your child is experiencing tooth pain, and learn when to make an emergency trip to see your Dewitt children’s dentist.

Possible Causes of Tooth Pain

There are many possible causes of tooth pain in children, tooth decay and gum disease often being the most common. When tooth decay occurs, it leaves sensitive tissue within your tooth exposed to external irritants, which can cause pain in the affected tooth. Similarly, the presence of gum disease may cause the gums to begin to recede and pull away from the teeth, leaving sensitive roots exposed. Sometimes, more serious issues have occurred, such as a cracked or damaged tooth, which may require the use of a children’s dental filling to fix. Since there can be a number of possible reasons for your child’s tooth pain, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible, even if you have determined emergency dental care is not needed.

What to Do if Your Child is Experiencing Tooth Pain

If your child is experiencing tooth pain, first talk to your child and try to determine their level of pain. If you can, try to get a look at the tooth your child says is hurting to see if you can see any visible damage to the tooth. If your child’s tooth pain is not severe or persistent, it is likely an emergency dental visit is not necessary, however, it is still important to have your child see their pediatric dentist sooner rather than later, in order to fully determine the cause, and what treatment may be necessary.

When Should I Make an Emergency Visit to my East Lansing Children’s Dentist?

If your child is experiencing high levels of pain, or the pain has become persistent, it is likely time to make an emergency visit to your pediatric dentist. From there, your trusted East Lansing children’s dentist can determine the cause and whether treatments like children’s dental fillings are needed.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Dewitt Children’s Dentist

Whether or not your child is experiencing tooth pain, it’s important for them to begin visiting their pediatric dentist regularly by age one. At Dr. Jacob Myers, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive dental care as your trusted East Lansing children’s dentist. We strive to make each child feel comfortable in our office, helping them learn about good dental hygiene habits as we teach them why regular visits to see their pediatric dentist are important. If you’re ready to schedule your child’s first visit with us, please contact us today to get started. We look forward to seeing you in our office!