Children's Oral Hygiene During The Holidays

Maintaining Your Children's Oral Hygiene During The Holidays
Posted on 12/01/2019
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Maintaining Your Children's Oral Hygiene During The Holidays

Teaching your child proper oral hygiene is difficult in and of itself. This task becomes increasingly difficult when the holidays are around the corner. Treats galore and there they are: aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins—all trying to sneak sweets to your child because they don’t normally see them throughout the year and want to spoil them a little bit. Yikes! The baby teeth that your child has will eventually fall out to let their adult teeth in, but taking care of your child’s oral hygiene and their baby teeth set the foundation for their oral health, cleaning practices, and future teeth’s well-being. Children’s dentist Dr. Jacob Myers has great suggestions to help you out this holiday season!


Limit The Sweets Found At Your House!

This is hard, especially during the holidays, but be sure to limit the number of sweets and dessert options you have at your house during this time. If family brings some over for one of your dinners, we suggest packing some of it up as a to-go plate. This way people will be able to enjoy the foods that were served at dinner again and you’ll also be getting rid of unwanted sugary foods in the process! When you’re decorating cookies or making a batch of pies, be sure to also include low-sugar or sugar free items as options as well 


Maintain Good Oral Cleaning Practices

You feel like you’re running around during the holiday season—whether it’s to go get more groceries, finish up gift shopping, or literally running after the kids to put their jackets on them before stepping out the door, you’ll feel so exhausted at the end of the day you may feel tempted to skip your teeth cleaning routine with your kid. We totally understand! Why not give teeth brushing time a little mood booster by adding a song to the mix? It’s been suggested that to make sure your child is brushing their teeth long enough, to try humming a tune that lasts at least two minutes while brushing. How about trying the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? It will incorporate the holiday spirit into your routine and make it a fun activity to wind down the day with!

For long-term maintenance, don’t forget to schedule your child’s dental appointment for their oral upkeep. You may wonder when it’s an appropriate age to be taking your child to the dentist and think they’re too young, but the American Dental Association suggests taking your child in for their first appointment even before their first birthday! Give our knowledgeable staff a call to confirm whether or not your child can start coming to the dentist.


Visit Your Dewitt Children’s Dentist Dr. Myers!

Dr. Myers and our staff make going to the dentist fun for children. Our office was designed to give you and your child the feel of ease and comfort so that you can feel confident when visiting the dentist. Request a dental appointment for your child online or feel free to contact us directly! Our staff is ready to take your call and schedule your child’s appointment, today!