Oral Sedation

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When you’re looking for Lansing area children’s dentistry, we at the practice of Dr. Jacob Myers are happy to go above and beyond to provide the crucial dental treatments and checkups for your child. Unfortunately though, there are many children that are scared of having dental services performed on them, leaving them unable to get their needed treatment. Don’t worry though – you’re not alone on this one; plenty of parents have to deal with children who are too fearful to get their teeth examined. That’s why, as your Lansing area pediatric dentist, we’re glad to offer oral sedation to help calm your child.


Calming An Uncooperative Child

Thankfully, most children are relatively easy to treat and don’t require the need of oral sedation. Usually, these children are three years or older and can be attentive and compliant with the directives of the dental team. However, a portion of children aren’t cooperative. Whether it’s through emotional, physical, or cognitive problems, they can sometimes act in disruptive or hysterical ways. These children who fall into this category will require more assertive behavioral management techniques (including sedation or general anesthesia). The technique that’s considered most appropriate will depend on the parents, dental professionals, and even the child, to some degree.


Oral Sedation Used In Our East Lansing Office

As your trusted choice for East Lansing dentistry for kids, we offer oral sedation for our anxious or fearful patients. Oral midazolam (versed) and hydroxyzine (Vistaril) are the oral conscious sedation medicines that we use at our practice. These medications will provide both sedative and anxiolytic (reduction of anxiety) properties. The dosage that we’ll give to your child will be based on his or her weight and age. This type of sedation won’t put your child to sleep in the way that general anesthesia does, but it will act as an adjunct to behavior management. About 80 percent of the time, this medicine will sedate your child, though the other 20 percent of the time, your child may become more excitable.

If you think your child may need oral sedation, we encourage you to print out, read, and fill out our sedation form.


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